ACT - Analysis and Consulting Team

ACT - Analysis & Consulting Team is a global research and consulting company covering the CIS countries and Eastern Europe with offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan.

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We are a team of professionals, eager to devote our expertise and energy to the sustainable development and long-term success of our clients. We assist organizations in increasing their value by developing and strengthening their intangible assets.

Global Management Team

The professional team is the most valuable asset of ACT

  • Tinatin Rukhadze

    ACT Global

    General Director

  • Rusudan Telia      

    ACT Georgia

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sabina Akbarova

    ACT Azerbaijan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Tatiana Voronina

    ACT Kazakhstan

    Chief Executive Officer

Our Philosophy

Think big. Act with knowledge.

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Through precise research and effective consulting services, we provide Organizations throughout the world with KNOWLEDGE, IDEA and INSPIRATION to become more powerful and valuable for all their stakeholders.


Sustainability and long-term success of Business Companies as well as effectiveness of Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations are increased. Consumers are receiving better products and services. Thus, Economy of the country and quality of life of people are improved.

Our Timeline

All the milestones we have achieved, starting from the founding of the company to present day.

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Head Office
Address: 8, John (Malkhaz) Shalikashvili Str., 0183,
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 2422 322

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