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Marketing research is the primary type of research carried out by ACT. We offer a wide range of studies relating to both the individual business-to-consumer market and the organizational business-to-business market.


Employee Research

Satisfied and informed employees are a company’s free advocates and public relations managers to a certain extent.

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Monitoring Marketing Indicators

You will frequently hear – marketing is art and not science. You will also meet the managers who truly admit…

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Service Monitoring

Successful companies in service industry are very well aware of the importance of service quality evaluation. It is no secret…

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Retail Audit

When surveying shopping objects, precision and efficiency are crucial. ACT considers these two traits to be our…

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Sales Channels Analysis

One of the most important parts of marketing mix are the channels, through which you provide customers your…

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Market Analysis and Tendencies

It does not matter at which stage of development your business is – startup, growth or renewal –it will need to…

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Product development

It is always possible to trust your intuition and presume what customers would like. However, according to the world statistics…

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Insights for Effective communication

Creativity is not sufficient for effective communication. It requires ideas based on fundamental values and …

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Consumer Segmentation and Profiling

It is no secret how important it is to know, who your customer is, and to have a complete profile of consumers that…

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Customer Behavior and Insights

The more familiar you are with informed customer behavior and needs, the more successful is the interaction with…

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Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Marketers do their best to create new products and develop effective marketing strategies. However, it is always…

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Brand and Reputation

It is widely known that a brand is the most valuable non-material component of a company. Moreover, a brand is the only information a consumer has about the …

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Price Elasticity

Determining price strategies and tactics is a priority for marketers. Price related research is always helpful in…

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