Brand and Reputation

It is widely known that a brand is the most valuable non-material component of a company. Moreover, a brand may be the only information a consumer has about the product; this is accomplished by the well-planned and sequential activities of marketers. It is essential for a brand that each action is congruent with the brand concept. Any decision of a company or any interaction of a customer with a product may improve or damage a brand’s reputation.

Due to both its importance and the “fragile” nature of a brand, a large portion of ACT research is devoted precisely to brand research. Many marketers regularly use our research to create, alter, evaluate or monitor brands. With a variety of brand analyses and in-depth methods, ACT helps marketers create effective brands, correctly position the market, and optimize the brand capital to its full potential.

Concept testing of a brand – platform and brand attributes:
Brand image and positioning;
Tracking image traits of a brand;
Evaluation of brand capital;
Index of brand development.

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