Sales Channels Analysis

One of the most important parts of marketing mix are the channels, through which you provide customers your products. Sales channel analysis sheds light on where and how to sell your products most effectively, what you should change in your channels, in order to increase your sales. Moreover, study of the channels also serves as a brand police – any point of interaction between your product and customer is an inseparable part of your business image.

ACT provides sales channel analysis with the newest technology, which ensures the precise data. Channel analysis is conducted due to various reasons – location of the sales object, effective placement of the product on the shelves, promotion campaigns at the sales points and so forth. These topics are important for companies, whose products are mediated by shops, since here you lose a certain control over the process of your products’ sales.

Location testing using “counters”
– How many people frequent the location;
– What socio-demographic segment visits this location and how frequently;
– When is the consumer flow the most intense?

Shelf testing with an “Eye-tracker”
– How fast and easily is your product differentiated by the consumer;
– How do consumers evaluate your products in real, specific situations;
– How can the perception of your product me improved;
– What emotional response do consumers have to your product

Quality monitoring of promotional campaigns
– Is the promotional campaign active during arranged times;
– Are all the conditions of the promotional campaign met;
– How involved are the customers in the campaign?

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