Insights for Effective communication

Insights for Effective Communication

Creativity is not sufficient for effective communication. Effective communication requires ideas based on fundamental values and motivations. Research only aids and improves creativity, and secures an effective transition of these big ideas into advertising/communicative formats.

ACT offers traditional and modern research methods to predict and monitor communicative activities at different stages. ACT insights will help you optimize your communicative strategies, content and visual material, in order to achieve most effective spend.

Pre-testing of advertising material with a traditional methodology:
– How does the advertisement communicate the main message;
– How well-balanced are the metonymical and metaphoric languages;
– What does it say about the product, company, or brand;
– Does it provoke purchase;
– What should be altered for better efficiency?

Pre-testing of advertising material with “Eye-tracking” technology:
– What emotions do each element of the visual material incite;
– How appealing or noticeable is the visual material and how can it be changed to attract more attention;
– Which episodes of the clip are the most emotional and appealing;
– How can a clip/poster be optimized for maximum effect?

Post-testing of advertising material:
– How did the customer learn about the main message;
– How did the advertisement change consumers’ opinions about the product, company, or brand;
– Has the advertisement stimulated buying behavior;
– What should be taken into consideration in other components of the campaign?

Monitoring communication campaigns:
– How big is the reach of the campaign in the target segment;
– How good is the communication funnel of the product;
– How did the advertisement change the opinion of customers about the product, company, or brand;
– What should be improved for better performance?

Effectiveness of communication campaigns:
– Which component of the campaign had the best reach/effect on the target segment;
– Is the product/company properly associated with the campaign;
– Was the overall campaign successful;
– Which communicative channel/component was the most effective?

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