Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Marketers do their best to create new products and develop effective marketing strategies. However, it is always important to know whether these products and communication methods are appropriate for customer expectations and satisfaction. High customer satisfaction keeps customers and guarantees their loyalty. Satisfaction research also solidifies your assumptions concerning what your consumers like and dislike, and what they would change.

ACT provides research on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Methods include traditional and internationally-established measures, as well as unique, branded instruments that are based on knowledge and years of experience studying the local market.

ACT’s Guaranteed Customer Index
NPS Index
WOM Index

It is also important to account for the frequency and regularity of measuring satisfaction. This depends on the traits of your product. As a rule, client-oriented and effective companies offer three types of measures of satisfaction:

-Post-purchase systematic evaluations;
-Periodic study of satisfaction;
-Regular evaluations/to monitor satisfaction.

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