Customer Behavior and Insights

The more familiar you are with informed customer behavior and needs, the more successful your interaction will be with them. The knowledge of customer behavior, motivations, preferences, and attitudes helps to create the most appealing product or to successfully communicate messages.

ACT will assist you in researching what your customers truly want, how they behave, as well as what apparent and hidden factors affect their behavior and future actions. Whether it is in the streets, in their offices, at their homes, or at shopping malls, we do not only study your customers and their attitudes, but also their thoughts and desires. We conduct deep investigations to find their motivations and barriers to utilize your interesting products.

ACT answers specific questions:

-What initiates the purchase?
-Who is involved in the process of purchasing and what role do they play in the process?
-Where is information attained?
-How are products selected?
-How frequently or through which channels are products acquired?
-In what situations and for what purposes are products bought?
-What are the main motivators and barriers to purchasing a product?
-What creates the best experience of a product?

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