Service Monitoring

Successful companies in the service industry are very well aware of the importance of service quality evaluation. It is no secret that regularly monitoring service does not only give insight about service personnel, but also improves quality and performance.

Mystery Shopping is considered to be the most exact measure of service quality. During the mystery shopping experience, observers visit businesses for real services and real-time observation. These observers act in accordance with approved scenarios and at established times to evaluate different aspects of service.

ACT is the pioneer of Mystery Shopping methodology in Georgia. As a member of the world-wide Mystery Shopper Association, ACT has been conducting single and long-term Mystery Shopping projects for local and international businesses over the last 15 years. ACT is proud of client impressions stemming from improved service quality.
Parallel to its own clients, ACT is improving its own service quality, and today it provides the most suitable, simple and comfortable technical support.

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