Eye Tracking Technology

Eye Tracking” is the most advanced, quickest and accurate visual concept research and evaluation technology available. It makes possible to asses any kind of visual material, including:

– Print
– Digital Ad
– TV Ad
– Outdoor Ad
– Web-sites
– Product packaging
– Shelves

Portable equipment is available to conduct research anywhere, be it laboratory or direct sales point. “Eye Tracker” special eyeglasses are equipped with infrared technology that makes it possible to fix on respondent’s eye and record eye movement, eye pupil expansion and other subconscious reactions. “Eye Tracking” technology underlines not only the most perceived objects in the ad, or on the product but also measures the emotional response caused in the respondent, while all other research approaches rely solely on respondent’s memory.

With this technology ACT can assess and predict exact emotional response towards suggested visuals, which in turn will enable the customer to make decisions based on objective data and increase effectiveness of advertising and communication campaigns.

“Eye Tracking” is widely used by world’s most prominent brands, including: Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Disney, Toyota, Gillette, Nestle and so on. ACT is the exclusive owner of the technology on the local market.

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