CAPI Technology

A computer-assisted personal interviewing system, or CAPI, is intensively used in developed countries, though ACT is the first company in Georgia to make use of this system. It is a significant innovative technology for the Georgian market.

CAPI allows interviews to be conducted by means of questionnaires that are installed on tablet computers. Answers are entered on the computer and data is sent online to a database. This process enables fieldwork monitoring, quality control, and corrections to be made during the research.

Main advantages of CAPI:
•  Entering data in an online regime;
•  Controlling the research process from any location in the country;
•  100% control over the research process;
•  Minimization of errors/mistakes made by interviewer;
•  Maximum quality;
•  Optimization of expenditures;
•  Saving time.

One of the most attractive features of CAPI is that it enables the testing of any kind of visual material. CAPI is ideal for testing dynamic visuals, clips, and communication materials. Besides, the program works in an online regime and supports the testing of web-pages and online content. This can also be done by means of Internet-based research, though CAPI has the option of representative sampling, while Internet-based research does not.


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