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ACT is implementing large-scale researches for international, governmental and non-governmental organizations and thus, ACT is taking important role in the successful function of various civil institutions and programs.


Public Opinion Polls

Public opinion research is the basis of a democratic society, since it is the best way to understand the needs and…

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Electoral Research

Electoral research conducted prior, during and after elections and is used to make prognosis on elections, as well as…

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KAP Studies

The main purpose of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice research is to study attitudes of big or small social groups…

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Gender Studies

Gender studies are an important tool for evaluating complex social phenomena. This instrument provides…

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Baseline Studies

Baseline studies is a crucial prerequisite for successful completion of any time of program/ project / policy…

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Impact Evaluation

Evaluation of the impact measures how successful the program/project/policy was at achieving the objective. In this…

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Monitoring Research

Monitoring of the active programs allows us to observe how processes flow, what are their advantages and…

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Rapid Rural Appraisal

Fast evaluation implies participatory or rapid rural appraisal, which from scientific point, might be a bit “unclean”…

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Participatory Workshop

Participatory workshop implies discussions and involvement of target groups into projects/ programs/policies, in…

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Public Disclosure

Timely and effective communication of the project/program/policy with the target audience is a vital prerequisite of…

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Project Monitoring

Monitoring of the social programs begins at the development of the idea and continues until achieving the…

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Resettlement Action Plan

Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) implies development of mitigation measures for persons and communities affected…

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