Resettlement Action Plan

A Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) implies the development of mitigation measures for persons and communities affected by an investment project.

A Resettlement Action Plan consists of several basic features:

  • a statement of policy principles;
  • a list or matrix indicating eligibility for compensation and other entitlements or forms of assistance;
  • a review of the extent and scope of resettlement, based upon a census/survey of those affected by the project;
  • a resettlement timetable coordinated with the project timetable;
  • the disclosure of information regarding the investment project, as well as the consultation and engagement of those affected concerning the resettlement process (including grievance procedures).

The RAP’s planning protects donor organizations against unanticipated or exaggerated claims from individuals. Timely identification, the preparation of an action plan for such claims, and strategic communication with project-affected individuals saves a significant amount of time and money. Strategic communication also facilitates the successful implementation of the project.

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