15.04.2020 2 Min Read

Within the scopes of social responsibility, ACT offers online consultations to small and medium-size businesses through its new platform ACT-STRATEGIST.GE. In order to support SMEs, Analysis and Strategic Consulting Company ACT created a new strategic consulting platform ACT-STRATEGIST.GE providing stakeholders with the opportunity to receive online consulting in various fields.

The reality COVID-19 pandemic created in the world and in Georgia specifically, makes SME one of the most vulnerable. In the existing crisis, this new platform focuses on strengthening and enhancing these companies in coping with new challenges, through this platform, experienced consultants of ACT, its sister and partner companies will provide SMEs with free consulting in compliance with their profile.

Companies can easily take advantage of consultations on webpage after choosing a consultant, field of consulting and completing the respective registration form on–platform has been functioning from April 6 of 2020 and up to 10 companies have already received consultations in various fields.

Global research and consulting company ACT has been represented on research and consulting market for more than 15 years with its offices operating in Azerbaijan since 2010 and Kazakhstan since 2014. ACT works in more than 20 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the direction of business as well as development projects. 

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The COVID-19 virus pandemic has already caused significant changes in the world market and has made it impossible not to change traditional processes in almost all sectors of business or social activity.

ACT’s digital infrastructure and international platforms have enabled us to move to virtual space at full scale: with back-office, field, and data processing services of the company without interruption and with maintaining the highest quality.

Our services are fully digitalized:

  • Remote Focus Groups
  • Remote In-Depth Interviews
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Online Researches

In back-office activities:

  • Online meetings are supported by ZOOM.US and GoToMeeting.
  • Data processing and statistical analysis are performed in IBM SPSS, STATA, R, POLINODE, NODEXL, GEPHI software.
  • Reporting is provided with the help of CANVA, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, VISIO, MARKETSIGHT, INFOGRAM, PPT, EXCEL, WORD.

We are a fully digital company!