Digital Media Monitoring
Digital Media Monitoring

Nowadays, the majority of businesses actively incorporate digital marketing and a variety of social platforms. Consumers are also actively engaged in this process: they involve themselves in discussions, and make assessments and comments on brands, the quality of service or products. This is why, consistent monitoring of digital media is absolutely necessary for planning a successful strategy.

ACT conducts digital media monitoring in real time. In this process, context is comprehensively analyzed, and a positive or negative tone is precisely identified when the brand, company, product or competitor is mentioned. Respectively, the company’s representatives no longer need to read endless texts, blogs, posts, comments or reviews. Visualization of the monitoring results simply and quickly clarifies what internet users think about the brand and its competitors.

By incorporating digital media monitoring, a company can:

Improve the service quality – it will not miss any public mention of the brand / company / product. As a result, the company will be able to plan the respective communication and timely respond to any disappointment

Reputation and crisis management – the company will be able to detect negative attitudes before they become harmful to its reputation

Have a better understanding of processes ongoing in the relevant field – monitoring enables better control of attitudes, novelties, reviews related to competitors

Assess the effect of communication campaigns – the company can gather information on the effectiveness of the implemented campaign in real time and discover how customers feel after the campaign towards the company or competitors