Consumer Insights Research
Consumer Insights Research

The focus of modern marketing strategies has shifted from product to customer - meaning that the starting point of any important business decision is the interests of the customer.

It has been a long time since the focus of modern marketing strategies switched from the product to the consumer. This means that the main focus of any important business decision is on the consumers and their interests. In addition to the development of a consumer-oriented approach, consumer insights become particularly important because when studying their behavior, you will know precisely where to increase business effectiveness and how to tailor offers to their needs.

By means of approved research approaches and up-to-date instruments, ACT offers a holistic research of consumer behavior – identification of factors that define this or that behavior, identification of hidden motives and barriers, prediction of future behavior based on past behavior of the consumer, consumer segmentation, etc. Accordingly, through consumer analysis, ACT will be able to solve your business tasks such as:

Development of an optimal sales strategy

Development of optimal loyalty programs

Planning targeted communication

Development of targeted marketing strategies

Development of an attractive product

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