Employee Research
Employee Research

A healthy work environment guarantees success and business growth. Satisfied and motivated employees play a significant part in achieving the best business results. This is why, in addition to development of sales and marketing strategies, it is vitally important for companies to take good care of the organization’s and employees’ development.

ACT’s approach suggests empowering organizations when:

They want to keep a finger on the organization’s pulse and have a clear understanding of how employees feel. Regular research will enable you to conduct consistent monitoring on employee satisfaction, loyalty, awareness, and motivation level.

The company undergoes a transitional/crisis period, important changes and innovations are about to be established, the company is in the process of a merge or split. Employee research will help you reveal their attitudes and plan a strategy of changes based on the results.

Staff outflow is more intense than in general. ACT ensures studying the reasons behind employee dissatisfaction and barriers hindering their work in the company. In turn, we identify the main motivators for employees leaving the company.

The company plans to develop an organizational development strategy and requires an assessment of the workspace, processes, interaction among colleagues – the identification of strengths and weaknesses.

The company is in the process of transformation, formation of values and a main strategic vision. The study will estimate the relevance of employees’ value systems to the company’s new vision.