Brand and Reputation Analysis
Brand and Reputation Analysis

A strong brand is a valuable asset for business and in the long-term context, presents one of the components of sustainability. Creation and management of a strong brand is challenging for marketers and brand managers.

on the one side, a brand is important for a company and on the other, any experience in the interaction with customers may strengthen or damage its reputation. Thus, ACT can help you overcome challenges related to the creation and strengthening of the brand or problems in terms of its reputation. We will support you when you have the following tasks to tackle:

Create outstanding brand arrow

We will assist you in the development of the most effective strategy for positioning. This includes selecting the concept of a new brand, brand attributes, assessment of the needs of the target segment, discovering competitive advantages, etc.

Discover new opportunities for growing your brand arrow

For growing a sustainable brand, you will need an analysis of the ever-changing market and needs of the target audience, analysis of a brand’s image and positioning, gaining competitive advantages, estimating a brand’s capital and consistent monitoring of its effectiveness. We will guide you in the process of developing and implementing the growth plan for your brand.