Service Quality Monitoring
Service Quality Monitoring

Successful companies are well aware of how important high quality service is for development. This is what defines the brand addiction of customers, and increases their loyalty which positively affects a boost of sales and reputation. This is why modern companies turn high quality service into a competitive advantage.

Service quality monitoring helps companies improve. Meanwhile, consistent monitoring keeps employees alert which is positively reflected in the quality of service they provide and sales.

ACT contributes to the improvement of service quality and empowers companies. This product will enable you to:

Improve the quality of service and keep it consistently high

Improve service standards

Refine processes which are achieved through analysis of existing processes

Boost sales by means of monitoring product offering and sales skills/standards

Create a comfortable environment by means of auditing the existing environment

Gain an advantage in your service field by means of studying service standards / processes of competitors

Increase the effectiveness of marketing activities