Product Research
Product Research

A follow-up and necessary phase accompanying the product creation and development process is marketing research. Product research helps companies make informed decisions at any stage of the product life cycle, create products / services extensively tailored to customers and ensure time and financial resources spent on product development.

ACT offers a wide variety of services in the product research field. We empower companies on the product development phase as well as after presenting it to the market: at the early stage of product development – in the process of development/improvement of an idea or concept by means of recommendations based on needs, desires and insights of the potential target segment.

In generating ideas with regard the product name, packaging, concept and other characteristics

In the improvement of the product name, packaging and other attributes and selecting the best versions (blind test, user test, package test, name test)

In developing the best strategies for launching the product

In estimating the probability of product / concept success by means of measuring its potential

In assessing the success of the product launch through studying customer satisfaction and consumption experience

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