ACT already in 31 countries

19.04.2023 1 Min Read
ACT already in 31 countries

New region and three new countries on the map of the ACT International project. ACT - analysis and consulting team is already presented in 31 countries of the world.

Since April, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has launched a project involving three countries — Cambodia, India and the Philippines. This means that ACT already implements successful projects in 16% of 195 countries.

The purpose of this study is to determine the level of financial literacy and access to finances of the adult population of the Asia-Pacific region.

Latest News

ACT Executive Leader and Managing Partner Natalia Kvitsinashvili has been elected Deputy Head of the Finance Committee of the Georgian Public Opinion Research Association.

The Georgian Public Opinion Research Association is a professional association whose goal is to promote the conduct of public opinion and other scientific research in accordance with quality and ethical standards.

“The purpose of the association is to promote the development of the industry and form high standards in the industry. I think my 21 years of research experience and knowledge of modern financial approaches will greatly help me in this position, and this cooperation will be mutually beneficial - both for the industry itself and for the sustainable development of the organization.


On March 21, Tinatin Rukhadze, founder and leader of the vision of ACT, spoke about the activities of ACT, what the company offers to business and how it strengthens organizations for their changes, in the BMGLIVE program "Tsertili" ("Dot") together with Telara Gelantia. The program also raised the following questions:

• Three forces of transformation;

• ACT - vision and mission;

• The importance of research and analytics for development;

• What does ACT offer customers and what does the market need?

• Cost of ACT services;

• Why are they leaving and how to stop the churn?

• What is the competitive advantage of ACT?

• ACT plans - inside and outside;

• What does Georgia need for development?

On BMGTV, the founder of ACT also talked about the main qualities of a good leader. According to Tinatin Rukhadze, the most important thing is that the leader be a source of inspiration for the team.

“Too often, managers and leaders think that good leadership means doing something better than anyone else. In my opinion, a good leader should inspire the team to create something better. Leadership means interacting with the team and supporting it. Managers often think that they have a lot of work and no time for communication, but the best thing a leader can do is to establish contact with employees, and then these people will do an excellent job" - Tinatin Rukhadze.

The full interview can be found at the link.


March 9 Tea Shamatava, Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development at ACT, within the framework of the HR hub Next project spoke on the topic “HR as a coach”.

HR Hub Next is an innovative hub for future HR managers, where experienced professionals in the field share their knowledge and experience with the younger generation on the principle of mentoring.

The purpose of the club is to increase the level of knowledge, professional growth and exchange of experience of young, novice professionals.

Within 1 month, 10 meetings are held on various important topics, which are led by HR managers from 10 different companies. Each mentor has 3-4 students.

Tea Shamatava, as a mentor, shared her knowledge and experience with novice HR managers within the framework of this project. Questions discussed during the mentoring process were how organizations with a coaching culture differ from other types of organizational cultures and how important is the role of the HR manager in this style of organization. During the meeting, the head of the HR and organizational development group of ACT spoke about the coaching competencies of an HR manager and the coaching thinking of leaders. She also introduced the participants to some of the tools that will be useful in the work of the new generation of HR managers.


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