ACT # run for Ukraine

06.06.2022 1 Min Read
ACT  # run for Ukraine

On June 5, in Telavi near Lake Lopota, a charitable sports event in support of Ukraine "Run for Ukraine" was held. The ACT team joined the support marathon and, together with other participants, covered the distance of 7 kilometers.

The money received from the run will be transferred in full to the fund for helping victims of the war. The event was organized by the International Fund for Sports, Tourism and Youth.

The event was attended by about 2,000 people, including business representatives and Ukrainians who temporarily came to Georgia because of the war.

Latest News

On May 31st, Tinatin Rukhadze, ACT Co-founder and Vision Lead, presented Organizational Transformation Model - The POWER of THREE® at the TBC Concept meeting.

In the course of the meeting, the presenter discussed the necessity and importance of transformation, meaning that in current reality only those organizations are supposed to survive and grow which see development as a process of constant transformation.

During the presentation of POWER3, Tinatin Rukhadze, in her talk touched upon the certain symptoms of delay in the development of the organization, as a vivid call for transformation:

  • The slowdown in the growth rate / limiting the company size, decreasing profitability, the outflow of valuable staff
  • "Unsettled" issues related to products’ development and introduction of innovations
  • Stagnation, "walking in a circle" or reversal as felt by the leadership.

The Transformational Model implies 20 years of successful experience of ACT in cooperation with Georgian and foreign organizations and their leaders.

The format of the meeting was interactive and it was attended by up to 60 representatives of the business.


"The most prominent success for me is to afford to be who I am indeed!" - said Tinatin Rukhadze, while participating in George Isakadze's TV program as an invited guest.

"# Success Talks in the Bar" is a new project of the media platform #BMG. The format of the program is quite unique. The Bar of George Isakadze is often visited by businesses faces. All of these shows give their floor to talks about success, however, the conversation and topics are never limited. The guests of the show represent the key management of the leading companies, who create unique products and, in supplement, definitely own the key to a success in various fields.

Partner of Tinatin Rukhadze in this program was Tinatin Stambolishvili, GPI Holding Communications Director. The audience of the show was there to learn the following:

• The way how the successful people are perceived

• What are the parameters to measure any success

• What happens when success is shared.


On May 19, 2022, ACT Executive Director Natalie Kvitsinashvili, together with the members of Business Leaders Federation “Women for Future”, attended the meeting with Levan Davitashvili, minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

The most urgent issues existing in the economic sector, like property management, mining, energy, international shipment, foreign investments and development of capital markets were discussed at the meeting.

Minister presented the current trends in economy, planned reforms and state programs for business stimulation to the audience of private sector representatves.

The meeting also discussed specific effective measures in the lense of gender policy, which is important in the process of supporting women-run businesses and, in general, the economic empowerment of women.