ACT project in the nomination "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" (SDG16)

26.10.2022 1 Min Read
ACT project in the nomination "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" (SDG16)

ACT has been nominated for the Global Compact Network Georgia Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions category (SDG16).

The nomination of AST in the nomination "Peace and Justice" is another recognition of the project "Voice of the Georgian people to Ukraine", which is based on a study of the attitude of Georgian citizens to the Russian-Ukrainian war

According to the results of the mentioned study, 87% of Georgians believe that the war in Ukraine is also the war of our country, and this message has become a message for Ukraine and the whole world.

The Corporate Responsibility Award - Business for Sustainable Development was organized by the Georgian Global Compact Network with the support of the Government of Sweden and the USAID Civic Engagement Program.

The competition was held for the fifth time, and the nominations were selected in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN in 2015. This year, 128 companies took part in the competition, and the applications were evaluated by a jury consisting of Georgian and foreign members. The purpose of the Corporate Responsibility Awards is to raise awareness of corporate sustainability and the sustainability agenda in general.

Latest News

On September 13, the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) published a labor market survey that will review the current situation in the tourism and wellness sectors.

The study notes that companies operating in various industries, among the reasons that impede employment, name the low qualification and lack of motivation of applicants. At the same time, the majority of employers, 88%, do not cooperate with vocational schools, and 31% do not even see the point in such cooperation.

Only 24% of employers have experience of cooperation with vocational schools, which is largely manifested in the provision of internships and practical training for students.

The study was conducted by ACT in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the Skills Agency. The study was conducted in May 2022 and is based on data collected in 14 municipalities in five regions of Georgia (Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Guria, Imereti, Kakheti and Racha-Lechkhumi-Kvemo Svaneti).

Based on the results of the study, the most demanded professions and training programs are identified, an analysis is made of the professional qualifications required for these specific segments of the labor market, and the compliance of existing vocational education with labor market requirements is assessed. The study also makes recommendations for employers and educational institutions, including how to improve cooperation between them, and explores what is needed to make vocational education better meet the needs of various social groups, including youth, women, people with disabilities and minorities .



On August 3, the Young Lawyers organization published the study conducted by ACT and presented it to interested parties.

"Research on attitudes towards copyright associations and the registration system" is devoted to problems in the field of copyright and related rights, the practice of using copyright organizations and the study of satisfaction with these services.

According to the head of Young Lawyers Archil Kaikatsishvili: “Interest in the study was determined, on the one hand, by the ongoing discussion of the issue in the field of law, and, on the other hand, by the number of disputes. in general courts and analysis of legislation”.

The research methodology was based on the study of the opinions of performers and authors of musical works, managers and owners of objects of use of copyrighted works (music, repertoire). Respondents agree that copyright protection is important both to respect artists and to provide them with a source of income. As part of the study, it was revealed that among business representatives there is a lack of information about copyright protection in the country and organizations working in this area.

According to the results of the study, the majority of songwriters (46% versus 39%) believe that there may be several copyright management associations with the possibility of voluntary association in accordance with industries and directions. The majority welcomes both the accounting for copyright and the distribution of royalties by the same association (62% vs. 24%). A large proportion of respondents (65% versus 16%) believe that royalties should be paid to a songwriter in proportion to the actual use of works, performed repertoire, and not to estimates. There has been a trend that writers-artists do not have a deep understanding of how to account for payment and distribution of royalties. As a result, they believe that copyright should be among the priority issues of the state (88% vs. 5%).

The study is the first important document to be offered to the public, stakeholders and users from all sectors involved in the field. In addition, it is provided to executive, legislative and judicial authorities, business representatives, copyright and performing organizations, associations, the diplomatic corps and international organizations, and the media.


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