Support of the educational process - assessment of final works in GIPA

30.06.2022 1 Min Read
Support  of the educational process - assessment of final works in GIPA

Education is one of the areas of corporate social responsibility of ACT, therefore, company representatives as experts are actively involved in the process of academic training and cooperation with higher educational institutions.

On June 30, ACТ Senior Consultant Natia Rukhadze, as a member of the jury, evaluated the final presentations of the course on fundraising for Master students in Public Relations of the Georgian Institute of Public Relations (GIPA). The meeting took place at Frontline Georgia and the students presented their work to the invited jury: Tamriko Germanishvili (CSRDG), Natia Rukhadze (ACT) and Salome Benidze (UNFPA Georgia). The aim of the course is fundraising, donor relations, strategic campaign planning and management - the implementation of real projects.

Latest News

On June 29, a conference was held at the Stamba Hotel within the framework of the Strengthening the Social Protection of Georgia project, at which A C T presented the audience with the main findings of the KAP study and recommendations based on the results of the studies.

The conference was attended by the Minister of Health of Georgia, the delegation of the European Union, ambassadors, industry experts, non-governmental organizations, and members of trade unions also attended the meeting.

Surveys of knowledge and attitudes of the population about the practice of social protection (KAP)

were held in Georgia during the period February-March 2022. The survey provided nationwide information on the awareness, use and experience of the population of Georgia social protection programs.

The project was implemented thanks to the financial and technical support of Expertise France and the Czech Development Agency.


On June 9, Tinatin Rukhadze, ACT Vision Leader, presented a model of organizational transformation - POWER3 at the meeting of the Federation of Business Leaders. Tinatin Rukhadze as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Federation "Women for the Future" held the meeting for the representatives of the Association.

In the course of the meeting, the symptoms of delay were touched upon in the development of the organization, as a vivid call for transformation:

  • Any symptom interrupting the development, like: slowdown in the growth rate / reducing the company’s size, decreasing profitability, outflow of valuable staff

    " Unsettled" issues related to products’ development and introduction of innovations

    • Stagnation, "walking in a circle" or reversal as felt by the leadership.

  • ACT's unique model of organization and business transformation - THE POWER OF THREE® (POWER3) gives organizations the impetus and support they need to move forward to the next stage of development.


On June 5, in Telavi near Lake Lopota, a charitable sports event in support of Ukraine "Run for Ukraine" was held. The ACT team joined the support marathon and, together with other participants, covered the distance of 7 kilometers.

The money received from the run will be transferred in full to the fund for helping victims of the war. The event was organized by the International Fund for Sports, Tourism and Youth.

The event was attended by about 2,000 people, including business representatives and Ukrainians who temporarily came to Georgia because of the war.


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