Three new countries on the international map of ACT projects

06.11.2023 1 Min Read
Three new countries on the international map of ACT projects

Three new countries on the international map of ACT projects. The research and management consulting company ACT is already represented in 34 countries.

As part of the World Justice Project's Rule of Law Index® 2023, the ACT work area has been expanded to include the Eastern European and Baltic countries and Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have been added to our list of work countries.

Working in the Baltics is a new stage in ACT's international development, with new countries and experience, and an important step towards the internationalization of services.

Strengthening representative and partner networks in already involved countries and geographical expansion towards Central Asia and Eastern Europe continues to be a strategic objective of ACT and a main goal in the coming years.

Latest News

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening social protection in Georgia,” on October 26 a conference was held, organized by Expertise France, at which ACT analyst Ketevan Antadze and senior consultant Natia Rukhadze presented the main findings of the study. on issues of social protection of the population.

As part of the ACT project, two studies were carried out:

• Study of the experience and attitude of the population towards social protection issues in Georgia.

• A study of the knowledge, experience and attitudes of recipients of social service agencies towards social protection issues in Georgia, the main focus of which was to analyze experiences related to social protection programs in relation to data from a baseline survey that was conducted in early 2022, although the survey Attitude and awareness components were also included.

The goal of the Strengthening Social Protection in Georgia project was to support the Government of Georgia, government and civil society organizations in the field of social services, the development of evidence-based policies and the expansion of rights to social protection.

The project was implemented in Georgia by Expertise France and the Czech Development Agency with financial support from the European Union.