Labor law changes - ACT publishes Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) document

02.11.2022 1 Min Read
Labor law changes - ACT publishes Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) document

On November 2, ACT, a research and management consulting company, published a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) document, Labor Law Amendments Concerning Labor Rights and Conditions.

The project assessed various aspects of economic and social impact.

The (RIA) framework considers two policy alternatives:

Alternative 1. "Do nothing", the so-called. The baseline scenario is to maintain the status quo until changes to labor laws are introduced in 2020. 

Alternative 2: Implementation of the new labor legislation adopted on September 29, 2020, and relevant related regulations in practice.

In the presented RIA, two alternatives were compared using multi-criteria analysis (MCA). The alternatives were compared in terms of both monetized and non-monetary impact. According to the analysis, the preferred alternative is Alternative 2 – implementation of post-amendment legislation in practice that better achieves policy goals and objectives and is in line with the country's sustainable development agenda.

The RIA document includes an assessment of a number of changes made to the Labor Code that came into force on September 29, 2020.

As part of the consultation project, the assessment was carried out in several stages: after desk research and analysis of best practices, in-depth stakeholder interviews and quantitative surveys of employers and employees were conducted, and in the next stage, initial results were obtained and presented to key informants participating in the study, and at Based on the recommendations received, a final document was prepared.

Latest News

ACT has been nominated for the Global Compact Network Georgia Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions category (SDG16).

The nomination of AST in the nomination "Peace and Justice" is another recognition of the project "Voice of the Georgian people to Ukraine", which is based on a study of the attitude of Georgian citizens to the Russian-Ukrainian war

According to the results of the mentioned study, 87% of Georgians believe that the war in Ukraine is also the war of our country, and this message has become a message for Ukraine and the whole world.

The Corporate Responsibility Award - Business for Sustainable Development was organized by the Georgian Global Compact Network with the support of the Government of Sweden and the USAID Civic Engagement Program.

The competition was held for the fifth time, and the nominations were selected in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN in 2015. This year, 128 companies took part in the competition, and the applications were evaluated by a jury consisting of Georgian and foreign members. The purpose of the Corporate Responsibility Awards is to raise awareness of corporate sustainability and the sustainability agenda in general.