At the forum of the Central Eurasian Leadership Alliance (CELA) Tinatin Rukhadze will talk about the transformation of POWER3®

28.04.2023 1 Min Read
At the forum of the Central Eurasian Leadership Alliance (CELA) Tinatin Rukhadze will talk about the transformation of POWER3®

On April 29, at the Forum of the Central Eurasian Leadership Alliance, ACT founder Tinatin Rukhadze, i, will talk about organizational transformation on the unique POWER3® model. According to this model, organizations are driven by three main forces: (1) vision is the power of creativity, (2) culture is the power of order, and (3) execution is the power of change. ACT's many years of experience have shown us that an organization achieves its main goal and the best results only when these three directions (vision, culture, execution) are congruent and work together. Therefore, the exchange of experience in such a network as the Central Eurasian Alliance of Leaders is very important for us.

CELA brings together successful business leaders from all over the world at various business summits and events. The CELA 2023 Business Forum will be held in Dubai, UAE from 27 to 30 April. Forum Includes TED-style talks, panel discussions, and events to promote future business and professional collaborations and exchange of experience and skills.

Latest News

On April 26, as part of the “Better Leadership” discussion organized by Blue Ocean, Rusudan Telia spoke about the “Leadership Manifesto” by Robert Anderson and William Adams, recently translated for Georgian readers.

The Leadership Manifesto is a universal guide for leaders, created on the basis of many years of experience and research of the authors, which helps to comprehend their own experience and systematically comprehend the very complex topic of leadership.

"The Leadership Manifesto is a book about leadership, where the phenomenon of leadership is widely, systematically and deeply studied. The model proposed by the authors is supported by many years of research and clearly shows the relationship of 18 core competencies with the effectiveness of a leader and a management team. And how does all this affect the success of the organization.

The Leadership Manifesto is a true reference book for organizational managers, human capital professionals, and anyone interested in self-development. He will look deep into himself, go to his most hidden places in order to better feel his own resources and huge opportunities for development.

Working on myself in accordance with this leadership model has had a huge impact on me. He showed me 360 degrees of himself and made me feel the energy that gave me the strength to start a completely new life." - Rusudan Telia.

On April 22, the Stamba Hotel hosted a summit organized by Forbes Women Georgia.

Tinatin Rukhadze, the founder of AST, spoke at The Power of NO How "No" changed her life and how obstacles became successes for discovery.

The Power of No project is a path for the professional development of women and refers to the existing obstacles along the way. The organizers of the project drew attention to the structural and cultural barriers that are gender-specific throughout the world and significantly hinder women's career advancement.

The project was aimed at both beginners and young people, as well as already established professionals. They were introduced to the professional biography of Georgian women working in various fields, and made them reflect on their examples of understanding and overcoming obstacles.

The word "No" is used as a metaphor and combines an interfering social context, oppressive in an invisible form, institutional arrangement and, most importantly, self-deprecating defeatist thinking - "Mindset".

Among the participants of The Power of No: Tsira Kemularia - Senior Independent Member of the Supervisory Board of TBC Bank, Mary Chachanidze - Managing Director of TBC Capital, Ana Nakashidze - Executive Director of AzerTelecom,

, Ana Agladze - founder of "Tag&;Match", Irine Khundadze - founder of "Munchies by

food goddess", Nino Zambakhidze - Chairman of the Farmers Association, Shorena Darchiashvili - General Director of the "White Square" and others.


A new region and three new countries on the map of the ACT International project.

The research and management consulting company is already present in 31 countries around the world.

Since April, ACT has launched a project of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which involves three countries - Cambodia, India and Philippines. This means that successful ACT projects have already been implemented in 16% of 195 countries worldwide.

The purpose of this study is to determine the level of financial literacy and access to finance of the adult population of the Asia-Pacific region.

"Since 2010, the internationalization of services has been a top priority for ACT and we have been actively working on geographic expansion - opening representative offices in the countries of the region through the creation of international partner networks. Increased demand for remote services during the pandemic and technological developments have created special opportunities for the internationalization of services - we have been given the opportunity to work in new countries, although our concentration is focused on the territorially adjacent Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

2023 is a special year for ACT's international development as the portfolio includes the Southeast Asian countries of India, Cambodia and the Philippines. This region is not only for ACT, but also for Georgian research and consulting in general.

It represents a new market for the sector and a unique opportunity to grow ACT's international portfolio.

“ACT offers international development agencies and donor organizations a single multi-country project management system and a full range of competencies in the countries where it operates.

Unique knowledge of the context, access to expert services and international standards make us a reliable and effective partner for development agents. “Each successful project paves the way for future opportunities,” - Sopho Chachanidze says.