RIA for the Draft Law on Consumer Protection

RIA for the Draft Law on Consumer Protection

About the Project 

With the aim of strengthening the Regulation Impact Assessment (RIA) instrument, a law program component of the German International Cooperation Association (GIZ) taking into account the Agenda 2030 Requirements in the RIA in Georgia, has been operating since 2017. The program also promotes the implementation of RIA reports in specific areas.

Our Role 

In order to assist the RIA implementation process, ACT conducted a consumer rights protection study on a number of selected topics. The study entailed a triangulated approach and captured the perspectives of vendors, consumers and other stakeholders. Specifically, return policy claim submission mechanisms were reviewed.

Project Outcome(s)

Based on the study results, GIZ finalized the RIA and assessed the impact of the draft law of Georgia on Consumer Rights Protection, initiated by the Committee on European Integration. State agencies and other stakeholders were also provided with evidence-based advice to assist with further policy planning and development.

Client : German International Cooperation Association (GIZ)
Funded by : -
Beginning : 10.2018
End : 12.2018
Countries : Georgia