Sustainable Forest Management for Rural Development

Sustainable Forest Management for Rural Development

Areas of Expertise

About the Project 

As part of the project entitled Promoting Sustainable Forest Management for Climate-Resilient Rural Development in Georgia, CENN aimed to contribute to the reduction of rural poverty and to assist in the delivery of commitments made by the GoG under the SDGs, the NDC and the EU-Georgia Association Agreement concerning sustainable green growth. The overall objective of the activity was to enable the environment and effective interagency coordination for improved forest and watershed management, sustainable rural energy solutions, and diversification of rural income opportunities.

Our Role 

The ACT team conducted a baseline survey to identify practices of using various forest resources and services economically, as well as the production and supply of forest products and services. The baseline survey also analyzed the production and consumption of fuel energy resources, identified the attitudes towards the state approach to disaster risk reduction management. The role and representation of women formally or informally engaged in the process was also identified in the project.

Project Outcome(s)

As a result of the study, a baseline database was developed for project indicators in line with the project’s log frame. The baseline survey report was presented to CENN and the main stakeholders. The database and survey results were to be used to monitor the project’s progress against the set indicators throughout the project’s implementation. As a result of the project, in four targeted regions - Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, AR Adjara, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, and Kakheti - pilot activities were planned to ensure effective cooperation in forest management, energy efficiency, and diversification of income sources.

Client : Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN)
Funded by : The Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)
Beginning : 05.2019
End : 12.2019
Countries : Georgia