Our Team

„Continuing education, constant self-development and courage - this is an unmistakable guarantee of success"

Natia is a specialist in healthcare, social and scientific research and has 25 years of experience working in these areas. Natia's expertise and experience include evaluating projects and programs, in-depth knowledge and practical application of research techniques, design and analytical tools, managing large-scale and long-term international or local projects, fundraising, etc. In addition, Natia has many years of experience in implementing consulting projects, both in the country and abroad (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.). At various times, Natia has held managerial positions in both non-governmental and governmental sectors and international organizations.

Our Team
Tinatin Rukhadze
Managing Partner
Rusudan Telia
Senior management-consultant (organisational psychology, mental health)
Sopho Chachanidze
Managing Partner, Management-consultant
Nino Kerkadze
Portfolio lead at ACT research
Nuka Bilanishvili
Portfolio Lead at ACT research
Ekaterine Ejibadze
Data Collection Team Lead
Lela Goginashvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Nestani Gaprindashvili
Senior Consultant
Nino Kemularia
Financial Lead
Nino Tatenashvili
Administration Lead