Our Team

"Only a team of motivated people can implement any difficult idea"

Rusudan Telia is the co-founder and cultural leader of the ACT consulting company. Since the founding of ACT, Rusudan has held the positions of Head of Analytics, Chief Operating Officer, and Head of Social Research at various times. Since 2015, she has held the position of executive director of the company, and since 2020 she has been a leader in organizational culture. 

Rusudani has a Master's degree in Psychology from Tbilisi State University. In 2017, she was awarded the status of an Ericsson International Coach. Since 2001, Rusudan, as an expert researcher, has actively collaborated in evaluating projects of various international organizations (Eurasia Foundation, Open Society Georgia Foundation, World Vision, Unicef). She was also directly involved in projects within the framework of the Education and Self-Government Reform, the Program for the Development of Child Care Standards.


Our Team
Tinatin Rukhadze
Vision Lead, Founding Partner
Natalia Kvitsinashvili
Execution Lead, Managing Partner
Sopho Chachanidze
Development Consulting Lead, Partner
Lasha Bokuchava
Business Analytics Lead, Partner
Lika Kovziridze
Research Lead
Ana Ivanishvili
Marketing and Communications Lead
Nino Kemularia
Financial Lead
Nino Kharshiladze
Digital Development Lead
Giorgi Kikabidze
Information Technology Leader
Nino Tatenashvili
Administration Lead
Giga Vashakidze
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Taso Solomnishvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Nuka Bilanishvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Lika Goderdzishvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Irakli Gabunia
Selection specialist, competency lead