Research - Strengthening social protection in Georgia

30.10.2023 1 Min Read
Research - Strengthening social protection in Georgia

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening social protection in Georgia,” on October 26 a conference was held, organized by Expertise France, at which ACT analyst Ketevan Antadze and senior consultant Natia Rukhadze presented the main findings of the study. on issues of social protection of the population.

As part of the ACT project, two studies were carried out:

• Study of the experience and attitude of the population towards social protection issues in Georgia.

• A study of the knowledge, experience and attitudes of recipients of social service agencies towards social protection issues in Georgia, the main focus of which was to analyze experiences related to social protection programs in relation to data from a baseline survey that was conducted in early 2022, although the survey Attitude and awareness components were also included.

The goal of the Strengthening Social Protection in Georgia project was to support the Government of Georgia, government and civil society organizations in the field of social services, the development of evidence-based policies and the expansion of rights to social protection.

The project was implemented in Georgia by Expertise France and the Czech Development Agency with financial support from the European Union.

Latest News

On October 7, ACT held a workshop on strategic business planning to strengthen the SME sector within the framework of social responsibility.

The meeting was attended by executive directors and founders of enterprises.

Workshop participants had the opportunity to work with ACT's strategic consultants to evaluate their company's current business model and identify factors influencing their business performance.

As a result of the workshop, the participants developed a vision for the long-term development of their business and corresponding effective strategies.

The working session was led by ACT founder, business leader, management consultant and executive coach Tinatin Rukhadze.