Rusudan Telia Gave a Public Lecture at the University of Georgia

19.04.2022 1 Min Read
Rusudan Telia Gave a Public Lecture at the University of Georgia

On April 19, 2022, Co-Founder of ACT and Culture Lead, Rusudan Telia, gave a public lecture on the “Power of Compassion – War in Ukraine and Us”.

"Why does compassion have the power of real changes in the world? Because it leaves a deep imprint on our hearts. Only with genuine compassion can we experience the joy of unity, and the courage to fight for goodness and justice”.

The lecture was attended by students of the University of Georgia and the free attending audience.

Latest News

On April 12, 2022, an introductory meeting was held between the members of the Business Leaders Federation “Women for Future” and the President of Georgia, Salome Zourabishvili, where the association members presented their activities and stressed the importance of involvement of the President in supporting women-led businesses.

ACT Partner and CEO, Natalia Kvitsinashvili, represented ACT as a member company of the Women's Business Association.

The meeting discussed the role of the President in the implementation of gender policy in the country, in particular, the economic empowerment of women and the fulfillment of Georgia's international commitments in terms of gender equality.

The following important and topical issues and challenges for the private sector were brought to an agenda:

  • Steps taken and planned to ensure a calm and stable business environment in the light of the effects of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war
  • Realities and prospects for the business sector: EU accession agenda, stages of establishing free trade with the US.


On the business formula channel, the broadcast ‘way2SUSTAINABILITY’ - The Way to Sustainability, the UN Global Compact Network, was organized by Georgia with the support of the Swedish Government.

The guest of the rubric, Rusudan Telia, Co-Founder of ACT and Culture Lead, talks about the economic empowerment of the women, promotion of corporate sustainability in Georgia and the supportive measures to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Just to inform you, Research and Consulting Company ACT is a member of UN Global Compact Network. The said network unites more than 13,500 Responsible Companies from 160 countries worldwide to build a better and more desired world through facilitating the implementation and support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, 110 members are united under the Georgian network.


Software company Diflex has attracted an investment from the Georgian Healthcare Group (GHG) totaling up to GEL 1 million. Diflex starts developing an international digital product from today, and plans to enter the international market in 2022.

Diflex is a subsidiary of ACT, which has transferred the extensive experience of ACT in the field of telephone research into a specific digital product. Using international software and monitoring customer requirements has made it possible to create an online call center service that incorporates the latest technologies and innovative approaches.

Diflex offers customers a virtual call center and communication platform. The product is unique in its essence and use, it combines in itself all the priorities provided by separate technologies for different needs. If the company does not have the appropriate infrastructure - offices, servers and does not have operators, but wants to set up a call center or hotline, it can use Diflex services.

"We are currently in the process of forming a product development team. At the moment, the product is adjusted to the markets of the two countries and works smoothly, but we have the ambition to master the global market, therefore, it is planned to modify the product in accordance with international regulations and standards, - co-founder and CEO of Diflex Nino Kharshiladze said.

Diflex is a product of the future and its specific priorities go beyond the capabilities of the ordinary digital product:

  • It is adaptable to all types of devices
  • Has a flexible system in which people work from anywhere
  • Has an intuitive interface, which simplifies the process of working in it.
  • It has a built-in machine learning module, which helps to quickly status the result. This element of automation saves the operator waiting time and costs in the production process.

Given these advantages, the most important thing that Diflex allows is the reduction of costs for companies and the ability to operate with different functions and more flexible approaches. At the same time, Diflex ensures the protection of the privacy of personal databases, because the call center user organizations have the opportunity to leave the existing telephone database on their side and thus receive outsourced services. In order to control the quality, they should monitor and adjust the calls during the process.

Attracting investment and the interest of the Georgian medical group in the product with international potential took place after Diflex played a successful and fruitful role in the production process of ACT during the crisis caused by the pandemic. Carrying out telephone surveys while switching to a digital line in the Diflex program has proved to be a vital train for the company, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency. An important and credible indicator for the partners was the information that the representatives of QuestionPro and SurveyToGo, the management of the largest software company in the world market with digital products, were interested and expressed their willingness to cooperate.

Diflex is going through an active phase of development and is preparing to enter the world arena. ACT's many years of experience in product development and offering, and the potential of the Georgian Healthcare Group to scale, make the creating a project created in collaboration with two companies into the global market a reality. The main concept is based on the Win to Win principle, companies get the opportunity to provide a complete service using Dileplex, and ACT subsidiary "Diflex" - gets new customers around the world.


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