Legal market research in Georgia

05.11.2021 1 Min Read
Legal market research in Georgia

On November 5, the presentation of the ACT Development Consulting research project "Legal Market Research in Georgia" was held. The project was commissioned by the East-West Management Institute (EWMI).

At the presentation, ACT Lead Consultant Keso Esebua presented a qualitative research report, which reflects the requirements of the legal market in Georgia and the extent to which the current level of training of lawyers meets these requirements.

As the results of the research show, the main demand in the legal labor market is for novice lawyers with practical and professional skills, critical thinking and various soft skills. However, knowledge of English is less important for the public sector but more important for the private sector. These are the basic requirements that young lawyers find most difficult to meet, however, the main challenge still lies in the transition from theoretical knowledge into practice.

Research Report: Legal Market Research in Georgia

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The Leadership Scanner is relevant for organizations that are development-oriented, want to discover talents, and look for effective ways to retain it;

This product is also designed for companies that are planning or undergoing a transformation or large-scale reorganization, and its managers want to find out who they can rely on for process of changing, identify thought leaders, and find out who has the potential to lead in the future.

Event Speakers:

  • Lasha Bokuchava / Lead in Business Analytics, Partner - Introduces Leadership Scanner and talks about its unique capabilities.
  • Tinatin Rukhadze / Vision Lead, ACT Founder - will talk about the role of this tool in managerial decisions and its benefits.

Invited guests of the event:

  • Nino Maisuradze - Director of Organizational Development of Adjarabet.
  • Nino Shaduri - Director of Organizational Development of Evex Hospitals.

Webinar entry:


On September 8, youth affairs agency hosted a presentation of a study conducted by ACT: "Youth Needs and Challenges at the Municipal and Regional Levels." Flora (Keso) Esebua, Senior Consultant, Development Consulting, presented the final report of the work, which reviewed and analyzed in detail the opinions and assessments of young people surveyed across Georgia on various issues.

The study included 2,790 face-to-face interviews in 10 regions of the country, 56 focus discussions and 43 in-depth interviews in 14 target municipalities. The analysis shows that most of the young people in different regions of Georgia are faced with the challenges of employment, civic activities and involvement in the processes. One of the main findings of the research is the motives of the intention of internal and external migration among young people: in case of internal migration, the surveyed young people care about access to better education, and in case of external migration - seek better opportunities of employment The survey also found that young people living in different regions of Georgia believe that their basic rights are protected, although the level of information about these rights is very low.

In-depth research on all of these issues and the availability of research results are important because the evidence-based Youth Initiative, with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, plans to develop local and national youth policies and build relevant youth ecosystems. Offer services and opportunities and facilitate the realization of their potential.

"Part of our recommendations is to work actively with young people to raise awareness on various issues. "In addition to educating young people about municipal youth programs and services, it is essential to raise awareness of civic activism and involvement, decision-making opportunities for young people, the importance of different rights and healthy lifestyles," ACT Development Consulting (Keso) Esebua said.

Final Report of the Survey: Youth Needs and Challenges at Municipal and Regional Levels


Research and consulting company ACT has become a member of the UN Global Compact Georgia network. The network brings together more than 13,500 responsible companies from 160 countries around the world, striving to create a better and more desirable world by encouraging and supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On July 18, the Stamba Hotel hosted the annual general meeting of the Georgia Global Compact Network, where members of the ACT Development Advisory Group, senior consultant Natia Rukhadze and analyst Keti Antadze took part in the work of the Georgia General Agreement Network (GCNG). Presented are the results of a study commissioned by this network last year - “The role of the private sector in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”. The event was initiated by the Global Compact Georgia network. Currently, the Georgian network has 110 members.

“The ACT team supports and strengthens private and public organizations to bring about significant economic, social and political change in more than 20 countries around the world, and in this regard, our efforts and aspirations are fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that membership of the Global Compact network is the best platform for networking, sharing and implementing best practices, and expanding globally; We believe that membership in the network will help us implement sustainable approaches in accordance with international standards in our team and share the experience with our partners across the region. ” - says Sopho Chachanidze, head of the consulting company ACT Development.

“I believe that membership in the UN Global Compact network is an even more serious and significant responsibility, which is fully consistent with the vision and development vector of our company. I believe that membership of the Network will allow us to be fully informed about the steps and progress made in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, which, in turn, will allow us to make a valuable contribution to creating a better and more desirable world. I also think that ongoing activities to raise awareness of the Global Development Goals (SDGs) among local companies will significantly help companies to better understand their role in this area, which will further increase their motivation and commitment to create a healthy, sustainable environment that meets international standards as a local level, and throughout the region or country ”, - senior consultant Natia Rukhadze.

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