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"Curiosity leads to great discoveries"

Nini Kerkadze is a Senior Analyst in the Business and Marketing Research Department. He has 10 years of experience in managing both local and international research projects. Her portfolio includes FMCG, banking and finance, insurance, fast food, real estate, and fuel companies. Nini supported business representatives at both the consumer and internal levels in the process of obtaining information and developing a plan of action.

Nini has a master's degree in sociology with an academic background. At this stage, she actively shares her experience and knowledge both as part of his academic activities (a visiting lecturer at the University of Business and Technology (BTU)) with students and with members of the ACT team.

Our Team
Tinatin Rukhadze
Managing Partner
Rusudan Telia
Senior management-consultant (organisational psychology, mental health)
Sopho Chachanidze
Managing Partner, Management-consultant
Nuka Bilanishvili
Portfolio Lead at ACT research
Ekaterine Ejibadze
Data Collection Team Lead
Lela Goginashvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Nestani Gaprindashvili
Senior Consultant
Nino Kemularia
Chief Executive Director
Nino Tatenashvili
Administration Lead