Study on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Public Services in Georgia

Study on Citizens’ Satisfaction with Public Services in Georgia

Areas of Expertise

About the Project 

In the course of the Fostering Regional and Local Development (FRLD) project in Georgia, the UNDP is focused on regional and local development. The project aims to support the Georgian government's ambitious reforms in the field of regional and local governance development through strengthening the capacities of central and sub-national authorities. Phase 2 of the FRLD project is focused on supporting and promoting the ongoing reform, focusing on decentralization, local economic development, civic engagement and increasing the capacities of national and local institutions to deliver quality services at the local level.

Our Role 

The ACT team determined and analyzed the level of satisfaction among citizens with respect to the services currently provided at central and local levels. Furthermore, the study analyzed the performance of local and regional authorities in general, as well as issues of civic engagement and participation in the local decision-making process. The study provided a comparative analysis of data from different survey years (2013, 2015, and 2017).

Project Outcome(s)

As a result of the study, the level of satisfaction among citizens, as well as specific reasons for their dissatisfaction with public services as well as local self-government authorities, were identified. The study results are expected to support the UNDP to assist Georgia in the process of building strong and competent local self-governance institutions that will act as catalysts in stimulating regional and local economies, and will foster the inclusion of people in the policy-making process for the benefit of all citizens.

Client : The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Funded by : The Austrian Development Agency (ADA); the Swiss Development Agency (SDA)
Beginning : 09.2019
End : 06.2020
Countries : Georgia