"The most prominent success for me is to afford to be who I am indeed!" - said Tinatin Rukhadze, while participating in George Isakadze's TV program as an invited guest.

"# Success Talks in the Bar" is a new project of the media platform #BMG. The format of the program is quite unique. The Bar of George Isakadze is often visited by businesses faces. All of these shows give their floor to talks about success, however, the conversation and topics are never limited. The guests of the show represent the key management of the leading companies, who create unique products and, in supplement, definitely own the key to a success in various fields.

Partner of Tinatin Rukhadze in this program was Tinatin Stambolishvili, GPI Holding Communications Director. The audience of the show was there to learn the following:

• The way how the successful people are perceived

• What are the parameters to measure any success

• What happens when success is shared.


On May 19, 2022, ACT Executive Director Natalie Kvitsinashvili, together with the members of Business Leaders Federation “Women for Future”, attended the meeting with Levan Davitashvili, minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

The most urgent issues existing in the economic sector, like property management, mining, energy, international shipment, foreign investments and development of capital markets were discussed at the meeting.

Minister presented the current trends in economy, planned reforms and state programs for business stimulation to the audience of private sector representatves.

The meeting also discussed specific effective measures in the lense of gender policy, which is important in the process of supporting women-run businesses and, in general, the economic empowerment of women.


ACT is a member of the "Georgian Pro Bono Network", representing an informal association of local and international companies operating in Georgia and willing to use their expertise and professional resources for the public benefit.

The company's staff provides support to Pro Bono Network beneficiary public organizations within a variety of field competencies.

On May 11, Tea Shamatava, Leader of ACT People and Organization team, conducted a Pro Bono workshop on job searching skills. Attendees were informed about successful interviewing techniques. In supplement, in the course of the meeting, they practiced the simulation interview, aimed to help them to successfully pass the interview stages in the future.

In May, Nino Kalandia, ACT Strategic Communications Manager, provided a Pro Bono consultation to the Analytical Center - World Experience for Georgia (WEG). WEG, as a non-profit organization, has been working on energy and environmental issues in Georgia since 2006. WEG aims to strengthen country’s energy security, economic sustainability and democratic development by promoting Georgia's integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures.

The Analytical Center has published a new study "The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine War on Georgia's Energy Security in a Short Term Perspective". Within the framework of Pro Bono consultation, the communication campaign of the mentioned research report was planned. Nino Kalandia held consultative meetings with the authors of the study to effectively present the research and drafted a research communication campaign document.

ACT has signed another big-scale project. As commissioned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the company will study the level of financial literacy in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in 15 countries in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Egypt will be added to the ACT International Portfolio under this project.

OECD and its international network for financial education (OECD/INFE) facilitate the development of effective financial education initiatives in the target countries, knowledge sharing and establishment of international practices.

ACT survey is aimed at assessing the level of financial education of MSMEs and potential entrepreneurs in different countries. The assessment will be based on the international framework of key financial literacy competencies.

The results obtained will help to analyze the level of financial education in the respective countries in order to improve financial literacy, consumer protection and financial well-being of citizens. The survey results will be used in the process of developing national strategies for financial education and implementing relevant initiatives.


Research and management consulting company ACT offers Georgian business companies a unique product for solving the problems of the post-crisis period. LEADERSHIP SCANNER is a management tool and is designed to improve efficiency.

In response to modern challenges around the world, companies are paying more attention to the climate within the organization, and the discovery, and development of their support - people.

An important criterion for evaluating the success of companies in the post-crisis period was how well they managed to overcome the crisis and whether the company's employees were united and involved in the process. Every successful company today shares its experience, and in the process of crisis analysis takes care to create a visible picture of the invisible processes taking place within the company.

Find out more and discover the hidden

Research and management consulting company ACT presents LEADERSHIP SCANNER® - a unique tool for the proper management of human capital and the identification of new talents! The results obtained by the "scanner" increase the effectiveness of management, as they simplify the adoption of the necessary and reasonable decisions, and accurately determine the points of action for instant response in the direction of organizational development:

  • What is the real picture inside the company today - where is the strong and where is the weak management link, where is the problem of delegation, where is the so-called "strength", and who is on the verge of burnout.

Using this product gives the organization the opportunity to improve the climate in the company and discover new opportunities:

  • Who has leadership potential, who needs to be given more opportunities for self-realization, which employees can be relied upon in a crisis or transformation, what is the map of leadership potential - how much, where and what kind of social capital do they own?

When does a company need a LEADERSHIP SCANNER?

Often the structural arrangement of companies does not correspond to the social structure within the company. There are people who, despite their position, have more social capital than others. The real picture should be blurry, without sharp contours.

That is why the tool is especially effective for a company in changing situations: with the arrival of new top management, transformation, rapid changes and increased management efficiency, using LEADERSHIP SCANNER will give management a clear idea of what the real internal anatomy of the company really is, the social hierarchy and who is the pivot point.

A healthy organizational environment is essential for business success

An organization is a living and dynamic organism, changes in an organization are constant and inevitable, so keeping abreast of an organization means properly managing business processes outside the company. ACT, a research and management consulting company with 20 years of experience and knowledge of the business environment, has a vision of cutting-edge industry trends, so it knows exactly what businesses and their managers need today. With this in mind, ACT offers unique and effective management consulting products to companies operating in the Georgian and international markets. The Leadership Scanner is one such product that allows management to be more informed, have the right vision, maintain a perception of reality, identify hidden risks, and assess team potential.

Leadership Scanner results are not static and need to be updated regularly. In our experience, the results of the Leadership Scanner remain valid and up-to-date for 12 months, which is why it is recommended to conduct it once a year. We believe that each company is individual and unique, therefore their response to challenges may be different, although an objective assessment of the situation is important for each and is a necessary prerequisite for their different strategies. ACT invites you to get an offer tailored to your needs and experience the unique features of the tool for yourself.


On April 28, 2022, Founder of ACT and Vision Lead Tinatin Rukhadze, presented THE POWER OF THREE®, ACT Organizational Transformation Model to the meeting at SOLO Talks.

In modern reality, only those organizations will survive and grow that consider the development as a process of constant transformation.

Tinatin presented to the audience the symptoms of the impediment to the organization’s development, which is an apparent sign of the need for transformation:

  • Some symptoms of developmental impediment - a slowdown in growth/decrease in the company, decrease in profitability, the outflow of valuable staff
  • "Unresolved" problems related to product development and introduction of innovations
  • Feeling of stagnation, "walking in a circle" or backwardness by the leadership - an apparent sign of the need for a new transformation.

It is worth mentioning that ACT has developed a unique model of organizational and business transformation - THE POWER OF THREE® (PWR3®), which may give a necessary drive to organizations and leverage their moving to the next stage of development.

"This model integrates our beliefs, mindset, competence and, most importantly, 20 years of experience in successful cooperation with Georgian and foreign organizations and their leaders," said Tinatin Rukhadze, author of the ACT Transformation and Development Model, during a presentation to business representatives.

The meeting was interactive and was attended by around 100 representatives of different companies.