Labor Market Development
Labor Market Development

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ACT provides comprehensive analysis of various labor markets, which involves determining market trends and workforce needs, providing recommendations, and offering face-to-face consultations to the management of various organizations. We also work with the management of target organizations to validate market areas and market competitors. Meanwhile, needs assessments for various organizations along with mapping of required competencies are parts of the consultation process. Our recommendations are based on internationally-recognized best practices and are adjusted to the local context, where a variety of economic factors are carefully taken into account.

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We believe that skills development plays a key role in minimizing marginalization and supporting inclusion, thereby contributing to the improvement of living conditions and the eradication of poverty. ACT helps organizations and individuals to identify their skills gaps and to develop a strategy to make corresponding improvements, as the development of necessary skills determines one’s capacity to succeed. Gender equality and social inclusion are crosscutting themes; during the analysis, ACT undertakes analysis from various perspectives into ongoing processes and interventions in the labor market as well as the pace and current status of private sector development.