Going International
Going International

In the globalization era, on one of the stages of development, successful businesses naturally have a desire or need of internationalization and geographic expansion.

Our region ended up under the outstanding attention over the past years. One thing is that more and more local companies try to expand the area of business operations and enter the international market and the other thing is that international companies try to penetrate into new regions and introduce themselves to our market. However, as practice shows, sometimes even very good companies, products and services fail to achieve success and meet the set goals. The reason behind this is lack of knowledge of new market specifications and / or organizational management system that is not properly prepared for international business.

If your company is looking for new development opportunities or you represent an international company that plans on penetrating into Georgian market, ACT management consulting team will provide you with assistance in the following: defining international development model, evaluating potential and risks of a new market and preparing your company for geographic development.

Defining and assessing international development model arrow

Geographic development implies several models of penetrating into the market, including: local partnership, direct representation, franchising, licensing, etc. Model is selected in compliance with specifications, peculiarities of the target market, company’s strategy and culture.

Our team helps companies assess advantages and risks of each model and assists in modeling commercial predictions. After the assessment is done, our team will guide you to select the optimal model.

Assessing the potential of a new market and selecting the best market arrow

Selecting the potential market or markets is an important decision for international development of the business. At this stage, ACT management consulting team supports the client on three phases:

  • Assessment of the market potential – description of key economic parameters of the potential market or markets, assessment of the market potential
  • Audit of business environment – assessment of competitive environment, evaluation of business startup and simplicity level, description of legislative frame of the country and local practices of doing business.
  • Consumer study – description of main habits and behavior of potential consumers, consumption preferences and barriers.
Formation of international management system arrow

Local and international management of the company require different approaches. After the strategy is defined and the direction is set, it is important to undertake diagnostics and assessment of the company’s internal structure and resources. Our team conducts audit of the company’s organizational culture and existing processes and together with the client team, ensures modelling of international management system. Respectively, it creates company’s internal development plan which will assist the company to succeed on regional and international markets.

ACT is an international company with 19 years of multi-profile experience and regional offices in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Through our local offices and a network of partners, we implement projects in more than 25 countries. Expertise and knowledge of our team covers the best international practices of business management, regional specifications and knowledge of peculiarities on how to do business in these markets.


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