Sectoral Studies
Sectoral Studies

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Supporting the private sector and, more broadly, business sector development are among the core topics of the projects our team works on. The rationale behind the sectoral analysis and sector-wide approaches lies in the more concentrated forms of assistance these provide for the private sector, particularly as developing a coherent policy for the sector as a whole can be difficult. Adaptation tools and methods, naturally, vary significantly between sectors, while fragmentation leads to more effective project solutions and the overcoming of sector-specific obstacles.

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ACT also works on market development projects. A quantitative and qualitative assessment allows for a comprehensive study of the dynamics of various markets, taking into account industry-specific factors, political and legal environments, economic and social issues, as well as technological advancements. Our team provides an informed perspective on the business environment, identifying opportunities as well as restrictive factors in its comprehensive industry reports. ACT contributes to generating a highly accurate picture of a given industry, covering all factors that are expected to impact the industry over a specific period of time.

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