Strategic Support to Management
Strategic Support to Management

One of the preconditions for a business to succeed is having an effective and well developed team. Even though our client organizations are already rather successful companies, every team has a moment when it needs external expertise and a new vision. This can result from annual strategic planning or significant changes. In cases like that, ACT’s leading consultants can provide clients with significant support as they come with:

  • Analytical and consulting expertise gained over years
  • Years of experience in solving a variety of tasks – different industries, different companies, different challenges.
  • ACT’s corporate experience – information, insights, best practices accumulated in more than 25 countries for 19 years.
  • Coaching and facilitation skills – all of our leading consultants are certified coaches and are equipped with facilitation instruments and techniques.

ACT’s management consulting team has developed services that provide support to the management of the client organization in the following three directions:

Board membership arrow

We participate in strategic or regular meetings of the management team as a board member. We share our expertise, and best practices from our professional experience.

Strategic facilitation arrow

Over the course of annual strategic planning or in case of extraordinary significant changes, we ensure the facilitation of the management team’s meetings at our client company. This way, we boost the work of the management team and the effectiveness of decisions

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Through coaching instruments and their business expertise, our consultants offer clients support in making tough decisions (whether these are team or individual decisions). In addition, after choosing the specific direction, our consultant help the client in estimating potential risks and required resources in the process of developing an action plan

Practice shows that effective decisions and successful outcomes come from precisely that kind of collaboration when both parties are involved in the process: on the one hand, a company’s experienced management team that is well familiar with the company and its internal flows and on the other, an external consultant who has an unbiased, and completely new kind of vision.

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