Vision and Purpose
Vision and Purpose

What we do 

We have experienced the power of having a clear vision and an inspirational mission. We believe that this became the precondition of turning ACT from a micro-business born in a small post-Soviet country to a global player.

Working with leading business companies for years persuaded us even more on how important it is for an organization to realize why and for what purpose it exists, what it serves and what values it creates for a client and the world in general. It also made it clear for us how a company’s vision, mission and values can be translated into its growth and financial success.

In our experience, a company’s lack of vision or inconsistent priorities are very simple to detect, because such companies have at least 2 out of 7 symptoms listed below:

1. Concentration on individual performance
Managers of companies are concentrated on individual results and are less interested in the company’s needs or achievements.

2. Low loyalty and engagement of employees  

Even when they have decent salaries, employees feel demotivated and are not ready to volunteer to engage in any type of activity beneficial for the company for free.

3. Mistrust and avoiding responsibility 

Employees try to avoid being responsible for a company’s failure and blaming others becomes part of the organizational culture. As a result, the quality of trust in management is low.

4. Scarce investments into development 

A company’s financial results are positive, but the management team still avoids investing in innovation, product development and growth of its staff because it is afraid of an “unknown future”.

5. “Prolonged” decisions and unfinished tasks

The process of making decisions is prolonged for months, and even after a decision is made, the company often fails to enforce it.

6. Negative business indicators  

A company’s pace of growth or profitability slows down, and other success indicators (KPI) are negative or low (for example, market share, satisfaction index (NPS), etc.).

7. Frequent change of priorities and inconsistency 

A company’s priorities change frequently and consequently, its employees become confused and irritated. In addition, resources are wasted in different directions and as a result, effectiveness is low.


On the contrary, when a company has an ambitious vision of development and a strong feeling of serving a greater purpose, then:

The leadership team is united and responsibility for the company’s success is shared

Priorities are clear and decisions are consistent

Decisions are made promptly and the effectiveness of management increases

Employees are inspired, their motivation is increased, and they are actively engaged in the company’s activities

The company’s pace of development increases

Consumers are attracted and kept

The company’s income and profitability indices improve

How we work 

When it comes to the development of the company’s vision and mission, we are guided by the following working principles:

Authenticity And Uniqueness arrow

We sincerely believe that the company’s vision and mission cannot be written by any party outside the company even by extremely creative and smart consultants. A persuasive, energizing, and action-stimulating vision and mission indeed originates from aspirations, wishes and ambitions of the founders and management team. This is why, our approach implies working together with the development team in the format of individual meetings and facilitating team workshops. We help the company’s leaders in formulating their individual visions and wishes, then we merge them which is finally transmitted into the company’s unique vision.

Inclusiveness And Co-Creation arrow

Great ideas may be born in someone’s mind, but when it comes to a company’s vision and mission, we believe that only those ideas are viable that are born and refined in a co-creation process. Thus, a company’s vision and mission should not be on paper only, and as such we create platforms that envisage the engagement of the company’s management team first and then every employee of the company.

Bringing An Idea Into Life And Practical Outcomes arrow

Reaching an agreement on a company’s vision and mission is a precondition for its success. However, it is not enough because sometimes even extraordinary ideas fade away unless they are implemented and brought to life. This is why, after developing the vision and mission, we offer companies our support in issues such as:

  • Formation of strategies and tactical plans relevant to the vision
  • Effective communication of the vision with the organization’s employees, clients and other important stakeholders
  • Formation of a culture that supports the company’s vision, mission and values
  • Transmitting the vision and mission into the development of products and processes and innovations
  • Support in the fulfillment of the vision.

This way we help our clients to become stronger, to be able to fully utilize the company’s potential and maximize the realization of their aspirations.

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