Promoting Innovations
Promoting Innovations

Innovation is not introduced just for the sake of making changes, but for improvement. Continuously pursuing better, more effective ways to operate in the business sector becomes similar to a magic circle: prompt development of the market ecosystem encourages companies to incorporate new methods to manage processes, create new existing products or improve upon existing ones, and at the expense of changing the business model, to achieve higher efficiency. Today’s high pace of change is hard for the majority of companies to keep up with. Based on our experience, the “magic circle” is easier to escape for those companies which perceive innovation as a continuous process and something that is incorporated in the company’s vision, reflected in its culture and expressed through its behavior.

We have witnessed the importance of development and innovation in today’s reality, which helped us turn challenges into motivation for development. The way we confronted challenges and overcame them gave us vast experience – we learned how to create an organizational culture, systems and processes that would promote experimental and creative means of thinking in the company and continuous modes of innovation. We are eager to share these experiences with others, to inspire and help them generate ideas in order to strengthen and urge them to change their environment for the better.

Innovative ideas and approaches are born through experiencing challenges and conditions from different perspectives. As a rule, companies need to innovate in two main cases:

  • When tackling an existing problem
  • When fully diving into new opportunities.

Merely a desire to do business with the help of innovation and promoting innovation in your company is not enough. We deeply believe that the first step towards innovation is a change of mindset (mobilization of mental readiness). It is crucial to make the promotion of innovation a priority for every single circle of a company’s chain, which will assist the company to generate innovative ideas in its organizational culture and finding effective ways to develop.

When innovation becomes an integral part of a company’s vision and organizational culture, the process of correctly executing it becomes crucial. We believe that any innovation that a company tries to introduce needs to be reflected in the business strategy not only on paper, but with respective action: to allocate a budget, mobilize human resources, to create respective platforms, systems and processes, implement management of incorporating innovation and to ensure the monitoring of results.

 We help companies introduce innovations in four directions, including:

Innovation of products arrow

This implies the creation of a completely new product or service, or the improvement of features of an already existing one. This enables the creation of a more valuable product, the improvement of the quality of a product, and the increase in the effectiveness and consumer satisfaction.

Our approach involves the improvement of products through analytical work and cooperation with the client: 

  • Based on studying a company’s consumers and research, we therefore undertake analysis of the product which implies a generation of consumer insights. Based on these, we help companies modify their products or create new ones.
  • We organize the modification and creation of the product through scrum teams ensuring the engagement of the representative from each organizational unit relevant for the creation of the product in the process of creating and incorporating it accordingly. 
Processes of innovation arrow

Processes of innovation imply the improvement of production or the supply method or incorporating a new one. It may result in improvement or a change of production processes, utilized systems, structures and software. Processes of innovation increase not only the satisfaction of clients, but boosts the performance and satisfaction of employees. In addition, they may result in cutting time and costs. Through a complex approach, our team assists companies to simplify processes and achieve high levels of effectiveness which is reflected in perceivable, tangible and measurable results.

Our approach consists of the following:

  • Auditing of the existing processes which enables us to study them comprehensively and identify the need for changes. The process ensures that ineffective areas and opportunities are identified.
  • Working with agile principles is done to organize the modification of the processes and the incorporation of new ones through scrum teams.
Innovation of the business model arrow

An organization can be forced to innovate its business model because of its business vision or a change of external factors which implies not only the incorporation of incremental changes, but a holistic transformation throughout the organization. Innovation of the business model can influence an entire cycle of an activity. It includes modification and improvement of the existing model or the creation of a new business model which will be fully tailored to the company and the characteristics of the industry.

We have a holistic approach to innovate business models which means that every relevant circle is involved in the co-creation and modification process.

Formation of an innovative culture arrow

An innovative culture covers the internal organizational environment that supports promoting the pursuit of creative thinking, an experimental approach and innovativeness as the main values of an organization. The ability to aspire to innovation derives from employees’ attitudes and abilities, thus, the formation of an innovative culture is a stimulating factor. The ability of employees, capacity and readiness to be innovative is a fundamental factor for an organization so that in the long term, innovation turns into an integral part of the organization.

To ensure the formation of an innovative culture in the organization, we provide our clients with support in the following processes:

  • Analysis of the current organizational culture and identification of factors that hinder innovation (constraining beliefs, approaches, processes, etc.)
  • Development and incorporation of a value system supporting innovation
  • Planning and budgeting of innovation and development resources
  • Creation of special platforms and systems that ensures continuous innovation processes.

Our approach focuses on tackling the specific task of whether this is updating or creating a product, the process of the business model, as well as on incorporating innovation as a continuous process in the organization. We believe that only one constant exists –continuous change! We believe that only those companies that will be able to effectively manage those changes and turn them into opportunities will survive and thrive.