Our Team

,,Making the invisible visible means better dealing with the fear of the future caused by uncertainty“

Lasha Bokuchava is an organizational development consultant, trainer, business analyst, researcher and data analyst with 15 years of experience. He joined the company shortly after its founding and was in charge of data processing. Today he is the Lead in Business Intelligence, one of ACT's four business areas. It was under his leadership that data processing and analysis technologies were actively developed and whole line of software was implemented in the company. With their help, ACT was quickly able to implement large-scale projects, became a market leader and began to enter international markets.

By education Lasha is a master of economics at Tbilisi State University, (2003 - 2005), In parallel with his professional activities, he is actively engaged in educational activities. He lectured at ESM, Caucasian Business School and the Institute of Public Affairs of Georgia. (GIPA).

Our Team
Tinatin Rukhadze
Vision Lead, Founding Partner
Rusudan Telia
Culture Lead, Founding Partner
Natalia Kvitsinashvili
Execution Lead, Managing Partner
Sopho Chachanidze
Development Consulting Lead, Partner
Lika Kovziridze
Research Lead
Ana Ivanishvili
Marketing and Communications Lead
Nino Kemularia
Financial Lead
Nino Kharshiladze
Digital Development Lead
Giorgi Kikabidze
Information Technology Leader
Nino Tatenashvili
Administration Lead
Giga Vashakidze
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Taso Solomnishvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Nuka Bilanishvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Lika Goderdzishvili
Senior Consultant, Portfolio Lead
Irakli Gabunia
Selection specialist, competency lead