Leadership Scanner®
Leadership Scanner®

Leadership capital exposes as the most important pivot for the organization in times of crisis management, development, and/or transformation. Any organization can only be as strong as its human capital is. For the proper management of the human capital, it is necessary to appropriately assess its strengths and weaknesses, to find out where the untapped potential rests, or where there is room for growth.

To this end, the ACT team has created a new product - Leadership Scanner, being unique to the Georgian market while enabling the companies to properly manage the existing human capital and discover new talents. With this tool, the companies will see:

  • Who are the opinion leaders and/or competence leaders in the company?

  • Wherein the company the delegation is poor and where the micromanagement shows up?
  • Where is the weak managerial link in the organization and who needs to be strengthened?

  • Which employees prove themselves to be reliable during times of crisis or transformation?
  • Which structural units lack their successors?

  • Which is a leading network in the company: professional or social?
  • Who has demonstrated leadership potential?

  • Where is the bottleneck and where the intermediate link needs to further build its capacity?
  • Who should be given more support for self-realization?

  • Which are the employees at risk of "burning out" and which of them may be lost?

Characteristics and uniqueness of the product arrow

Traditionally, an organization represents a hierarchical structure where people are assigned certain positions and ranks. In fact, the employees build different collaborative networks based on their daily relationships. Exploring these networks of collaboration gives a keen insight into how the company actually operates. The Leadership Scanner enables us to detect, visualize and trace the hidden mechanism under those networks.

The Leadership Scanner observes the following 8 networks:

  • Professional network
  • Work network
  • Problem Solving Network
  • Network of Expertise
  • Innovations’ Network
  • Network of in-demand leaders
  • Social network
  • Friendship network
  • With the Leadership Scanner, we can also evaluate:
  • Employees' perception of their own role
  • Organizational climate
  • eNPS (degree of loyalty).

In the end, the employee is evaluated according to 3 parameters: 1) What is the role of the employee in the collaboration network; 2) What is his self-perception within the organization and 3) What is his attitude towards the organization.

The uniqueness of network analysis lies in that: 1) it is based on behavior and facts; it never requires any assessment of employees, while observing their activities; 2) it does not imply any conflict – the colleagues are not supposed to evaluate each other; 3) and lastly, it provides unique insights both at the company and at the individual level.

Who Needs a Leadership Scanner? arrow

The Leadership Scanner is supposed to be essential for any organization (with more than 50 employees) which needs to identify and effectively manage its talent potential. It obviously refers to those companies facing at least one of the following issues:

  • Undergoing the transformation or major reorganization.
  • The CEO or a member of the TOP management is replaced.
  • Plans to evaluate the efficiency of current/formal leaders (managers)
  • Desires to uncover hidden talents – the ordinary employees with leadership potential and competence centers.
  • Looks for informal opinion leaders.
  • LIkes to see the difference between the formal structure of the organization and the actual management system.
  • Needs to reduce the outflow of the employees.
  • Needs to evaluate the efficacy of structural changes within the organization.
Frequency of undertaking the Leadership Scanner arrow

Any organization represents a living and dynamic organism. Organizational changes tend to be constant and inevitable. Therefore, the results of the Leadership Scanner cannot be static and need to be updated regularly. Based on our experience, the results of the Leadership Scanner can be valid for 12 months, so it is recommended to conduct it once a year.

Still, there are exceptions where it is recommended to conduct Leadership Scanner research, if: the CEO has changed; a significant outflow of personnel (more than 20%) took place, or the company is moving towards a major transformation.

Submission of the results arrow

The results to be submitted to the Client are the following:

იIn the interactive reporting system in Power BI - the user will have individual access (user) for 12 months. The reporting system includes a personnel comparison module which allows for the analysis broken down by waves, ranks, and departments. The system is designed to support the company's management and HR specialists to efficiently manage the talents on a daily basis and work out the development plans at the micro-level (such as the employees, a structural unit). In supplement, the Power BI interactive reporting system allows for exporting any data.

Ratings of employees (EXCEL files) through various collaboration networks - databases in Excel add on flexibility in terms of using the results.

Presentation of results to the Client.

Graphic report (PDF/PPT file) - enables to see the bigger picture - visualize networks, assess the key organizational challenges, and unlock the potential.

Training of HR specialists on the use of Power BI dashboards with the view of the 2 week-long follow-up support (support and consulting).

In order to increase the level of acceptance by the employees for the necessary changes and increase their motivation, it is additionally recommended to undergo:

  • Business Analytics & Insights (PDF file) - Important business findings and analytics to catalyze your analysis and decision-making process (Optional).
  • A one-day workshop to communicate the results with the company's management (optional).


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